Concerts and Music Festivals

Ticketing for Concerts and Music Festivals

PromoTix has many features built in specific to the music industry, including integrations with Spotify®, to help you book artists that are the most popular with your database or geographic area.
Serious classical cellist with fabled sparkling wallpaper

Haunts and Haunted Houses

Ticketing for Haunted Houses

If you're looking for the right platform to ticket your haunted house, look no further. PromoTix has the ability to provide you the insight you need to sell more tickets in your area and promote your haunt through affiliates and ambassadors.
Ruins from the Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City.

Food and Wine Festivals

Ticketing for Food and Wine Festivals

Ticketing for food and wine festivals and events has never been easier than with PromoTix. Create beautiful registration pages and make your event go viral before tickets even go on sale, launch your own festival mobile app, and add 15-20% to your bottom line with fee-free ticketing.
Mid section of bartender pouring red wine on glass in bar counter

Auto, Boat, and Air Shows

Car Show, Boat Show & Air Show Ticketing

Build awareness through robust marketing tools for your auto, boat, or air show. Reach attendees in the right demographic and in the right geographic areas for your event. Save thousands in fees.
Urban marina skyline Yachts in Burnham Harbor in Chicago, Illinois, USA, with landmarks (including Willis Tower, once the tallest building in the world) in the distance, early in June

Non-Profit Events

Ticketing For Non-Profit Companies

For a non-profit, the cost of ticketing can be one of the most wasteful expenditures of an event. Where expenses and income matter most, PromoTix helps ticket your event for free.
Hand with marker writing Volunteer

Religion & Spirituality Events

Ticketing for Religious Events

Whether it's a Buddhist Conference or a Christian Rock Concert, PromoTix has the technology to ticket your event with no ticket service fees saving your religious organization money.
Row of golden buddha statue

Seasonal and Holiday Shows

Ticketing for Holiday and Seasonal Shows

Build a repeat database of attendees with PromoTix's advanced marketing tools that re-engage past customers for seasonal shows which may have a gap in-between events annually.
Two red and gold Christmas baubles on a dark slate surface

Travel & Outdoor

Ticketing for Travel and Outdoor Events

If you throw events which include travel, or retreats of any kind - PromoTix has you covered. Manage your event, market it, and ticket it within one place, and even include virtual attendance for those who can't make it in person.
Time to Travel card with a beach on background


Wellness & Yoga Practices

Ticketing for Yoga and Wellness Events

PromoTix is ticketing wellness events both in person, as well as streaming online through PromoStream. Instructors teaching Yoga, meditation, exercise, and more are doing so both virtually and in-person.
Instructor taking yoga class in fitness studio

Venues, Bars, & Nightclubs

Ticketing for Event Venues and Clubs

For venues that throw their own shows, PromoTix can add serious revenue to their bottom line by eliminating ticket service fees other ticketing companies take. For music driven venues, PromoTix has a suite of music promotional tools found in no other ticketing product.
Group of young people having fun dancing at party

Arts and Crafts Fairs

Ticketing for Arts and Crafts Fairs

For fairs and festivals that focus on arts and crafts, PromoTix can help drive additional revenues and sales with advanced marketing tools like your Fair's own custom mobile app. You'll save on ticketing fees too with the PromoTix platform.
Selection of red green paint oils with brushes on a black slate surface

Professional and Corporate Events

Conference and Corporate Event Ticketing

Corporations looking to manage their checkin process can save thousands in fees with PromoTix's no fee ticketing platform.
Empty business conference room interior

Home & Lifestyle Shows

Ticketing for Home and Lifestyle Shows

Collect data on your attendees and find valuable insights as to their tastes from their connected social media platforms. Run registrations and help make your show go viral with amazing prizes.
beautiful house in the countryside in vibrant colours

Performing & Visual Arts

Ticketing for Theaters and Performing Arts

Gather more data and insights into your attendees likes and dislikes with PromoTix for the Arts. Connect with them on social media, Spotify, and keep them engaged with your own mobile app announcing your upcoming events.
ballet dancer in flying satin dress with umbrella under the paint

Sporting Events

Ticketing for Sporting Events of All Levels

Ticket sporting events, and sport venues with PromoTix and get expert level marketing to drive attendance. High schools, colleges, and professional leagues alike.
athletic runner finish line track

Endurance Racing Events

Ticketing for Endurance Racing Events

Marathons, runs, and endurance races all benefit with zero ticketing fees with PromoTix. Build a loyal database and use PromoTix's advanced marketing tools to bring back participants and attendees time and time again.
Low section of female mountain biker riding bicycle in forest


Behind the scenes

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