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*YouTube pricing is estimated based off of your input of your specific CPM rate and viewership. At this time, PromoTix integrates with Stripe at a rate of 2.9% + $0.30 which goes down with increased processing volume. This rate is calculated already as an expense to show your true earnings from a video on PromoTix. PromoTix's pricing for ticketed live streaming in SD is $0.99 per view with $0 in subscription fees which is also already built into the calculation to give you a true earnings example. PromoTix offers optional services at additional cost not included in the calculation, such as HD streaming, marketing services, and more.

Ticketed live streams for YouTubers

Live content is valuable to fans. We help you monetize it.


Earn more from your fans

Don't stop what you're doing on YouTube, simply add a ticketed live stream once in a while on PromoTix. You will add huge increases in your earnings from fans.

Collect data on your viewership

Because your live stream is ticketed, you'll collect and own the names, emails, phone numbers and other information of your viewers you can use for future marketing purposes. YouTube won't give you this information.

Spend less on production time

We know you spend hours editing your content in post production, selecting the right thumbnail, title, and descriptions for YouTube's algorithm.  On PromoTix, since it's live, you only have to pre-plan your content, since there is no post production of the live event.

Engage with fans live

Engage with your fans through the chat room feature during your live stream. Field questions and get feedback, or simply let them chat amongst themselves.

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More than double your income

Sell tickets to exclusive high quality live streaming events

Set your ticket price

You control the final price paid to view your premium content, setting your own "CPM" rather than letting YouTube decide it for you. Make 5-10X compared to normal YouTube videos.

SD or HD live streams

Stream to your audience live in 720P at 1.5MB/sec for $0.99/viewer, or in 1080P at 2MB/sec for $1.39/viewer. You keep everything beyond that.

Launch a mobile app

Launch your channel's own mobile app in the iOS and Google Play stores to showcase your upcoming live events and have fans download it. Send them push notifications

All-in-one live streaming platform

Set up your live event, sell tickets, market it, and go live with your stream, all from the same platform. 

Collect viewership data

You'll own copies of your viewer's names, phone numbers, and email addresses for further marketing purposes.

Launch an event in minutes

Our user friendly platform allows you to set up and launch your upcoming live event in minutes, and when it's time to go live, broadcasting is a breeze.

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PromoTix is designed for users

PromoTix is simply designed for the user experience. It's so easy to use there is zero learning curve. We guide you every step of the way and you can setup your event in minutes. Your attendees will appreciate how easy it is to purchase tickets and access your live show.


Other features you'll appreciate

We're creating other ways for you to earn, and ensuring you're paid quickly


Instant daily payouts

Stripe will deposit your ticket sale money directly into your account daily, from the moment you start selling tickets. You won't even have to wait until your live event happens.

Coming soon 2

Connect your merchandise store

(Coming soon!)

Sell merchandise during your live stream events to viewers without taking them away from the live stream. Orders placed for merch are automatically entered into your backend. 

How to monetize your Live Stream

  1. Viewers buy tickets to your upcoming live show on PromoTix.
  2. We email them their ticket with a unique and secured Ticket ID that can't be shared with non-buyers.
  3. On show day, they scan and verify their ticket at the virtual front gates.
  4. You go-live on PromoStream and start broadcasting!



Use OBS with PromoTix
(Open Broadcaster Software)

If you like using OBS for higher level productions, you can do so during your live stream. The sky is the limit as to what you can do production wise.



So what are you waiting on?

Every day, YouTubers are launching ticketed live streamed events on PromoTix to start earning more from their fanbase. We can't wait to have you join us too.

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