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*eTix pricing comparison based on customer provided data from those who have switched ticketing providers and left reviews. Pricing is not publicly published by eTix and individual pricing deals may vary.
eTix pricing can be as high as 27% when adding all fees including ticketing, service, convenience, shipping, and others. PromoTix's pricing starts at just 1.75% + $0.99 for ticketing comparable to eTix.
At this time, PromoTix integrates with Stripe at a rate of 2.9% + $0.30 which goes down with increased processing volume. PromoTix offers optional services at additional costs similar to eTix.
PromoTix also offers professional subscription plans where you can eliminate your percentage ticketing fees all together and pay 0% and $0 per ticket sold.

Top 3 reasons you should use PromoTix instead of using eTix

The additional revenue you'll make is only part of the story.


1. Better reviews

We don't mind bragging about our reviews. Time and time again we beat out eTix in every category. Don't take our word for it though, just take a look at the reviews gathered by independent third parties like Capterra. PromoTix has consistently provided a better product, service, and experience.

2. 0% ticketing service fees

PromoTix can't be matched by eTix when it comes to how much we charge in ticketing fees. That's because our professional subscription plans charge 0% ticketing fees. Our pay as you go plans are less expensive too, starting at just 1.75% + $0.99 for ticketing. eTix doesn't publically display pricing as their fees can add up to as high as a 27% increase on the ticket price. We will save you thousands compared to eTix. It's as simple as that.

3. Powerful marketing

eTix hasn't innovated in many years. Ticketing is still their main focus, and while important is only half the battle. Besides the transaction itself, event creators need powerful marketing tools to sell more tickets. PromoTix has patented marketing features available on no other platform that will sell more tickets.

  • Viral contest registration pages
  • Ambassador program management
  • Ambassador network
  • Custom branded mobile apps
  • Spotify artist insights for talent booking
  • Secured live streaming in app
  • And much more...
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PromoTix has these features... 

which eTix doesn't even offer.

0% ticket service fees

With our professional plans, you'll save money with 0% ticket service fees. eTix is always either going to charge you, or your customer, service fees, convenience fees, or processing fees, and be in your pocket.

Secured event streaming

Ticket and host your event online and securely stream it to thousands around the globe. eTix has no built in streaming, and only sends unsecured links to other platforms.

Event branded mobile apps

Publish a branded mobile app for your business without development experience in just a few minutes and then launch it in the Apple and Google app stores. Try asking eTix to do that for you.

Spotify listener data

You can see exactly who your attendees are listening to on Spotify with PromoTix, but you can't on eTix. We help you to book the right acts for Concerts and Music Festivals.

Ambassador programs

eTix has to work with third-party providers for ambassador programs, which means the integrations (if any exist) leave something to be desired. PromoTix has thousands of our own ambassadors ready to promote your event. The Ambassador functionality is built in and is patent pending to be the only ticketing company with this functionality. You'll sell more on PromoTix.

Ambassador merchandise sales

Sure, you can list merchandise on eTix, but you can't sell it through your ambassadors. With PromoTix, you can empower your ambassadors, street team members, and our entire network to sell merchandise for you.

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PromoTix is extremely easy to use

PromoTix is beautifully designed for the user experience. It's so easy to use, there is zero learning curve. We guide you every step of the way inside the app, and you can setup your event in minutes. If you would like help, we're here for you - in person, as well.


We create beautiful, modern event pages for you, while eTix is stuck in the 90's

eTix's event pages and application leaves something to be desired when it comes to eye catching design that will get your ticket buyers excited. PromoTix creates beautiful responsive event pages that look great on any device.


Your event page on PromoTix

Beautiful, responsive designed event pages showcase your event images, description, venue, and driving directions clearly on any device.

  • Timer countdown creates ticket buying urgency
  • Share event buttons add virality
  • Descriptions are clear, including refund policies and terms
  • The venue, date and time are clearly displayed
  • A map for easy driving directions is included on the page
  • Your image gallery is featured large to create excitement
  • Call to actions to purchase tickets are bright, front and center
  • Pages are optimized for conversions 

Event pages on eTix

An older design, eTix's pages leave the excitement behind.

  • Images are small and not featured
  • Additional information is hidden
  • Page design is old and clunky
  • eTix branding trumps your own event branding

Event creators are switching

It's clear why event creators are switching to PromoTix from eTix. With no long term contracts, low cost ticketing saving them money, powerful marketing tools eTix doesn't have, and live secure streaming, our PromoTix user base is growing fast. We welcome you to ticket your next event with us, and experience the PromoTix difference.

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