Instructors of Fitness, Yoga, and Other Wellness Practices Use PromoTix

Whether you're looking to control entry to your Yoga Studio, sell class admission online, or take your wellness practice virtual to stream reaching thousands of potential students, PromoTix, and the tools built in, are for you.

With PromoTix, you'll benefit from controlling paid attendance, marketing to a larger audience, building your own database of students, and even get things you never thought possible to help your business, like building a customized branded mobile app for your studio in the Google and Apple app stores.

Group of diverse people in a receding line doing pilates in a gym balancing over the gym balls with their hands laocked behind their necks toning their musclesClass Registrations Online

Make Your Studio Attendance Go Viral While Providing Online Registration for Class at the Same Time

If you want to provide online registrations for students to attend classes, and not sell tickets you can do that too with PromoTix. You can also run registrations and later announce to those that registered that they can buy tickets to attend class at a later date.

Registration pages are a great way to incentivize your students with prizes to invite other students to join and register for class helping to grow your studio's attendance.

  • Allow Students to Register for Class Without Buying Tickets
  • Incentivize Your Students to Invite Others to Register for Classes with Prizes
  • Build Your Marketing Database of Students
  • Get Students to Follow Your Social Media Accounts During Registration

no_feesFee-Free Ticketing

Generate 5% - 30% More Profit

PromoTix charges no ticket service fees to you or your students when selling tickets to your classes. 

Gone are the days where the ticketing company makes 5-30% of the total price the student pays to attend your class.

  • Price Your Class Inclusive Of All Fees Your Students Normally Are Charged
  • PromoTix Doesn't Collect Any Ticket Service Fees from You, or Your Students
  • You End Up Keeping the Fees Your Last Ticketing Company Did (5% - 30% More Profit!)
  • Your Students Feel Better Because No Additional Fees Are Added at Checkout

Stretching woman in outdoor exercise happy doing yoga stretches after running. Beautiful happy sport fitness model outside on summer spring dayStream Classes Online to Earn More

Go Virtual and Reach Thousands of Online Students to Increase Your Revenues

Simply setup a camera anywhere, go live, and stream your yoga or fitness classes to the world, while selling virtual tickets online to those who can't make it in person. Or, run completely virtual events where your only audience is online. Take your "studio" and practice to new and exotic locations. The choice is yours with PromoStream, from PromoTix.

  • Expand Your Studio's Student Capacity to a Limitless Number of Students
  • Add Additional Revenues to Your Studio With Online Sessions and Virtual Attendance
  • Sell Both Virtual Tickets and In-Person Tickets to the Same Class
  • Provide Your Students With a Choice of How They Want to Attend Your Class

mobileappforvenuesBuild Your Studio or Brand a Mobile App

Promote Your Studio or Wellness Brand with Your Very Own Custom Branded Mobile App

Mobile apps don't have to be expensive to develop and build when you're using PromoTix. You can create your very own mobile app for your yoga studio, kickboxing studio, or any wellness brand for that matter, and launch it in the iPhone iOS Store or Android Google Play store without any developers or development experience.

Build a multi-class or multi-event app if you're a studio with multiple classes scheduled out. Build a single-event app if you're promoting a large one-time special event or session, like a yoga festival or multi-day, multi-stage event. You can even build both and have as many apps as you'd like in your account simultaneously.

  • Send Push Notifications Direct To Your Students' Phones
  • Send Class Announcement Notifications to Immediately Drive Sales When They Drop
  • Upload Maps and Directions
  • Upload Instructors and Different Studio Rooms
  • Allow Your Students to Build Their Own Schedule
  • Promote a Single Festival or Multiple Classes with Your App
  • Connect More on Social Media with Your Social Media Feeds In Your App
  • Design Your App with Your Logo, Color Scheme, and Messaging in Just 5-10 Minutes

Instructor taking yoga class in fitness studioA Network of Wellness Ambassadors 

They Sell Tickets, Post on Socials, Hand Out Flyers and Hang Up Posters to Promote Your Studio, Retreat, or Class

Whether you bring your own street team ambassadors, you've never had a studio promotions team before, or you just want to add some new people on your crew, you can recruit from thousands of ambassadors on PromoTix.

With the Ambassador PromoJuice mobile app, wellness ambassadors act as walking sales people promoting your class or studio, selling tickets and even merchandise to their friends. Studios using PromoTix can drive 15-20% additional revenue with our Ambassador Tool.

  • Automatically Recruit From Thousands of Ambassador Street Team Members
  • Allow Ambassadors to Sell Session Tickets for Cash, Credit, or Online with Zero Risk
  • Setup Promotion Tasks and Let PromoTix Track Progress For You
  • See Where Promotion is Happening in Real Time on a GPS Map
  • Create Social Media Templates and Get Organic Shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Sell Studio Merchandise Through Ambassadors Online Outside of Class
  •  Automatically Reward Ambassadors with Free Classes, Commissions, and Merchandise

ArtCoreStudios Workout EquipmentSell More Merchandise and Class Equipment 

With Our Shopify® Integration You Can Sell Merchandise Too

Sell work-out attire, or equipment like yoga matts, through your ambassador team when they're selling tickets to your classes in person. You can also sell equipment and merchandise online at checkout when your students buy tickets from your website.

You'll sell more merchandise by promoting it to your students in more places with PromoTix.

  • Drive More Merchandise Sales with the Shopify® Integration
  • Sell Merchandise at Checkout Online Or Through Ambassadors
  • Consolidate All Your Orders Into Your Shopify® Store.

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