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PromoTix is the world's first free ticketing platform for event creators. The software is easy to use, blazingly fast, and jammed full of the features you need to sell tickets or collect registrations to your event.

Powerful Marketing

We've built the industry's best marketing software backed by the world's only free ticketing platform. This means you'll not only be more profitable, but you'll sell more tickets than ever before.

Ultra Fast Streaming

Take your events virtual and start reaching attendees around the globe. Collect registrations and sell tickets. Then stream live event content in a secured environment, using one session unique URLs per attendee.



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PromoSuite is the backend cloud-based software product used by event creators to launch events on PromoTix, market them with PromoJuice, and broadcast them to the world with PromoStream.

This is the mothership, complete with A.I. that will make suggestions to improve your events, which ties everything together.

  • Ticket events with PromoTix
  • Market events with PromoJuice
  • Stream events with PromoStream

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Our Solutions for Events


Event Ticketing Software

PromoTix is the world's first free ticketing platform for event creators. We'll never charge a ticket service fee to you or your attendees.

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Event Marketing Software

PromoJuice is a powerful marketing software solution that helps event organizers sell more tickets and receive more registrations to their events.

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Event Streaming Software

PromoStream is the fastest live streaming platform for events. Stream in standard or high definition and secure your event's virtual front gate with tickets or registrations.

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Oh My Word!

Don't take our word for it. Here's what others have to say.

"PromoTix Releases PromoStream, the First All-in-One Fee-Free Ticketing Service and Live-Streaming Software. PromoStream combines Promotix's fee-free ticketing platform, with a private, secure live-streaming gateway. This one-of-a-kind platform offers a revolutionized way for event organizers, instructors, and individuals selling tickets to their live content offerings to do so with less work and a more seamless organizer experience."

Yahoo! Finance


"We use PromoJuice's ambassador promotional tool to manage and recruit our team of 1,000+ members around the globe to promote our tours. Nothing has given us more control, data, and insight over how promotions are going both on and offline than PromoTix. We've used the software for multiple tours now."


World Renown Dubstep DJ

"PromoTix was created by event organizers and promoters, for event organizers and promoters. PromoTix’s core value and mission statement are to create more memorable experiences for people by helping event organizers throw more successful and profitable events. Amid the pandemic, they wanted to create a platform that not only offers fee-free ticketing but also safe and secure live-streaming."

The St. Thomas Source


"As an ambassador, I sold $29,906 in tickets to my friends last year for festivals I worked for on PromoJuice. I made $1,498 in commissions and got 21 free tickets to shows. I had a blast and made some cash!"

Chase Myska

PromoTix Ambassador

"In our current world climate, live streaming has become an important aspect of life for the entertainment industry. With the ability to live stream, music and event companies are able to transition in-person events online. Platforms have the ability to hold the same capacity as in-person events if not more. Although many people yearn for the return of dancing with their friends on the polo field, live streaming software, like PromoStream, has given an alternative to otherwise canceling the event in general. As popularity with live streaming continues, the future of the entertainment industry remains unknown, things may change as people will want to continue to stream events from the comfort of their own home."

Thrive Global


The Most Powerful Online Ticketing Software for Event Creators on the Planet

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