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PromTix uses a "lean" roadmapping strategy to allow us the flexibility in time, testing, and delivery to ensure product features are top-notch before release. Due to this approach, please understand that exact dates for feature releases cannot be provided.







Target delivery:
This quarter

Target delivery:
Next quarter

Target delivery:
Sometime in the future

Features in the Now column are in design and development and will be released soon.

Features on our Next list have had thourough discussions and may already have preliminary designs.

The Later column is our idea board, filled with forward thinking features and customer requests that need further planning.

Checkout survey questions Marketing and ad audiences Offline ticket scanning
PromoTix Pro Processing
(Authorize.net integration)
Marketing ROI dashboard Video on demand
Accept donations Wordpress plugin X-Maps Best Available
Reserved Seating 2.0
Staff accounts Boca printer ticket printing Season Tickets
Launch Facebook and Insta ads Varrious arrival times ticketing
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