The Best Ticketing Platform For Your Haunt

With your business being seasonal, it's important to capture as much profit as quickly as possible. No other ticketing company provides a better return than PromoTix, giving you 100% of the final price paid by your victim. PromoTix charges Zero Ticket Service Fees.

How does PromoTix make money you ask? We offer optional tools to help market and grown your haunt attraction or haunted house's attendance, usually by 15-20%. Since they're optional, you only pay us if you're seeing results and like the tools we offer - but either way, your ticketing remains free of charge.

Simon Wijers - Haunted TicketingFee-Free Ticketing for Haunted Attractions

Generate 5% - 30% More Profit

PromoTix charges no ticket service fees to you or your victims when selling tickets to your haunted attraction. 

No longer will your ticketing company make 5-30% of the total price the attendee pays to have their pants scared off by you.

  • Price Your Haunted Attraction Inclusive Of All Fees Which Were Previously Charged
  • PromoTix Doesn't Collect Any Ticket Service Fees from You, or Your Victims
  • You End Up Keeping the Fees Your Last Ticketing Company Did (5% - 30% More Profit!)
  • Your Students Feel Better Because No Additional Fees Are Added at Checkout

Peter H from Pixbay. Haunted HouseMake Your Haunt Attendance Go Viral

With Registrations, You Can Incentivize Your Victims to Invite Their Friends

Start promoting your haunted house or attraction before tickets go on sale and help make it go viral. Launching a Registration Page helps you to build a database of potential ticket buyers with little commitment on their part and no purchase necessary. You incentivize them with free attendance or other ghoulish prizes and they invite their friends.

When tickets do go on sale, you have a ready database to market your haunted attraction to, and yet another announcement to add to your promotions schedule.

  • Build a Large Database of Interested Victims
  • Make Your Haunt Go Viral And Have Attendees Promote For You
  • Add Another Announcement to Your Promotions Schedule
  • Quickly Sell Tickets When They Go On Sale 

scaryphoneBuild Your Haunted House Mobile App

Promote Your Haunted Attraction with Your Very Own Custom Branded Mobile App

Mobile apps don't have to be expensive to develop and build when you're using PromoTix. You can create your very own mobile app for your haunted house, haunted attraction, or any haunt for that matter, and launch it in the iPhone iOS Store or Android Google Play store without any developers or development experience.

  • Send Push Notifications Direct To Your Victim's Phones
  • Send Notifications When Tickets Go On Sale
  • Upload Haunted Videos
  • Upload Haunted Characters
  • Upload a Schedule If You Do Scheduled Shows
  • Connect More on Social Media with Your Social Media Feeds In Your App
  • Design Your App with Your Logo, Color Scheme, and Messaging in Just 5-10 Minutes

Selver Učanbarlić Haunted BrideA Scary Network of Ambassadors 

They Sell Tickets, Post on Socials, Hand Out Flyers and Hang Up Posters to Promote Your Haunted House

Whether you bring your own street team ambassadors, you've never experimented with ambassadors before, or you just want to add some new people on your promotional crew, you can recruit from thousands of ambassadors on PromoTix.

With the Ambassador PromoJuice mobile app, ambassadors act as walking sales people promoting your haunted attraction, selling tickets and even selling your merchandise to their friends. Haunts using PromoTix can drive 15-20% additional revenue with our Ambassador Tool.

  • Automatically Recruit From Thousands of Ambassador Street Team Members
  • Allow Ambassadors to Sell Session Tickets for Cash, Credit, or Online with Zero Risk
  • Setup Promotion Tasks and Let PromoTix Track Progress For You
  • See Where Promotion is Happening For Your Haunt in Real Time on a GPS Map
  • Create Social Media Templates and Get Organic Shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Sell Haunt Merchandise Through Ambassadors Online
  •  Automatically Reward Ambassadors with Free Entry, Commissions, and Merchandise

Amber Avalona Halloween DollSell More Haunted Merchandise

With Our Shopify® Integration You Can Sell Merchandise Alongside Tickets

Sell Merchandise through your ambassador team when they're selling tickets to your haunt in person or online at checkout when your victims buy tickets from your website.

You'll sell more merchandise by promoting it prior to your attendees' arrival with PromoTix.

  • Drive More Merchandise Sales with the Shopify® Integration
  • Sell Merchandise at Checkout Online Or Through Ambassadors
  • Consolidate All Your Orders Into Your Shopify® Store.

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