Easy to build event apps 

Build your app in minutes for your event or venue

Create your own custom-branded mobile app in just a few minutes with PromoTix for your upcoming events. It really is that easy:

  • Your brand in the app store
  • Single or multi-event templates
  • Send push notifications
  • Engage more customers
  • Sell more tickets!
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Venue mobile apps

Perfect for venues with multiple events

Re-engage your customers time and time again with special bar offers for the night, new upcoming show announcements, and allow them to purchase tickets and create a list of upcoming shows they want to attend, right in the app.

  • Promote multiple upcoming shows
  • Send drink offers
  • Take VIP or bottle service reservations
  • Sell more tickets!
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Festival mobile apps

Perfect for multi-stage and multi-day festivals 

Re-use your app annually to re-engage those who downloaded it the year before, bringing them back to purchase tickets every year. Announce your lineup and stage/set times to allow your attendees to build their schedule.

  • Re-engage last year's attendees
  • Include your map
  • Announce your lineup
  • List set and stage times for attendees
  • Sell more tickets!
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Single event mobile apps

Perfect for one off events

Promote your concert, convention, festival, health and wellness, fair, or any other event you can think of with its own branded mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores. 

  • Collect leads and registrations
  • Inform attendees of the schedule
  • Send special offers and announcements
  • Include a map
  • Sell more tickets!

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Multi event mobile apps

Perfect for the independent promoter

Build a brand for your promotions company and start engaging with your attendees and customers through your very own branded app. Announce all your shows no matter where their location is, and allow attendees to start building their list and buying tickets to the upcoming events they want to attend.

  • Announce your shows with push notifications
  • Let attendees build a list of upcoming events
  • Take vip and bottle service reservations for club shows
  • Sell more tickets!


* You can create multiple mobile applications within your account and launch them directly to the iOS and Google Play app stores for both Apple and Android devices. Monthly fees are per mobile application you build but include both Android and iOS versions. Fees are continuously billed monthly while your app is live in the app stores. You can cancel de-activate your mobile app at any time, and you will no longer be billed. Initial one-time app store submission and setup fees of $400 are not included in the monthly fee amount. Complete pricing found here.


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