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Finally, there’s a way to market and sell more tickets without needing a ton of other marketing tools, and without high ticket service fees. Get your event up and selling, in under 5 minutes.


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Why is PromoTix best for events?

We've helped more than 15,560 event creators make up to 27% more on their events.






Ticketmaster, eTix, Eventbrite, and others have service fees ranging from 20-40% and the fees are climbing...

Running an event is getting more expensive. Your margin is decreasing. Event creators pay everyone else first, take all the risk, and get paid last. Sound unfair?

Keep more of what your attendees pay, with PromoTix.

Starting at 1.75% + $1.19/ticket

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You’re not keeping as much attendee revenue as you could be

Even when passing fees to customers instead of billing you directly, ticketing companies are taking a large portion of what your attendee is willing to pay to attend your event.

❌ You can’t increase prices because of the high fees

❌ Raising prices will only raise the fees higher, pricing out many of your customers

❌ This will result in low sales, attendance, revenue, and profits.

You’re not getting the marketing tools you should be to drive sales

While other ticketing companies claim to provide marketing tools and drive sales, most of the sales they’re claiming are just coming through Google Search, which every ticketing company does. 

❌ Other ticketing companies don’t create event based branded mobile apps for their customers - PromoTix does.

❌ Other ticketing companies require a ton of integrations with other marketing products adding to your tech stack cost, rather than tools built in.

❌ This lack of focus on marketing adds to your expense, and doesn’t drive sales as much as you could be.

It's free to signup and look around...

It costs nothing to create an account, to set up your event, and even get it published. We only make money when you do, so why not take a look behind the curtain and see what PromoTix has in store for your next event?

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Here’s how to sell more tickets and make 10-20% more revenue

Stop letting your current ticketing provider take advantage of you and your attendees, and stop leaving money on the table. You deserve more from your ticketing company.

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Lower your fees. Get more marketing tools.

Start selling in less than 5 minutes

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Step #1  

Take 10-20% of your attendee revenue back

We have lower fees than other ticketing providers, and that lets you keep more revenue.

We’ll even price match competitors, if you can find a lower price for similar software.

What is your pricing?

We charge just 1.75% + $1.19/ticket to get started. You can see all of our plans here.

Step #2

Publish your event in under 5 minutes

We’ve designed PromoTix to be incredibly easy to use, allowing you to publish your event quickly to get up and selling.

You don’t need a credit card to get started, and we only make money when you do.

Can I sell tickets directly on my website?

You can easily embed our checkout flow onto your own website with your own domain, or use the event page PromoTix creates for you.

Step #3

Use our marketing tools to sell up to 22% more tickets

Event creators that use tools such as our viral registration contest or our ambassador program management tool, sell up to 22% more tickets to their events.

Our system will even create a draft contest for you to help get your event to go viral.

Is there an additional cost for the marketing tools?

Most of our marketing features live in our Ticketing and Marketing plan, but some exist on our professional plans. You can see all of our plans here.

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 Here’s why more than 15,560 event creators use PromoTix for their event tickets


Whether you’re a small event selling just 10 tickets, or one of our large festivals that sell 300,000, PromoTix will improve your bottom line, guaranteed.


When will you get started?

✅ Get 10-20% of your revenue back
✅ Start selling quickly, in under 5 minutes
✅ Sell up to 22% more tickets with powerful marketing tools

Take a peek inside...

Why not create an account right now, and have a look inside?

No credit card required | Publish your event for free

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PromoTix for in-person events

Our platform was created by event organizers who've thrown multi-stage camping and  music festivals with thousands of attendees, and who have owned large event venues hosting everything from wrestling matches to kids' concerts. We know exactly what your event or venue needs to be successful, and most importantly, profitable.

PromoTix for virtual events

PromoTix was built with virtual events in mind. With our software you can stream from a simple webcam, or include a full live multi-camera production. Cut in pre-recorded sponsor ads, openings to your show, and even share your computer screen if you'd like. Don't settle for ticketing platforms that require outside streaming solutions. This one is built for you.

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Powerful Integrations

Event ticketing software

PromoTix is advanced software for ticketing or collecting registrations to events, both virtual and in-person, packed full of the features you need, but simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Mobile barcode scan-in
  • Box office point of sale
  • Virtual front gates for streamed events
  • Event web pages
  • Guest lists feature
  • Discount codes
  • Digital PDF ticketing
  • Sales and attendee reporting
  • Reserved seating
  • Password protected ticket types
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Mobile app marketing (1)


Event marketing software

PromoTix has powerful event marketing tools built in to help you drive more attendance, sell more tickets, get more registrations, and increase your brand awareness. Connect with your attendees like never before with your own event's branded mobile app or even get your fans to sell tickets for you to their friends.

  • Brand ambassadors marketing programs
  • Custom branded event mobile apps
  • Viral registration pages
  • Spotify fan listener data
  • Email marketing
  • Send push notifications
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Event streaming software

PromoTix is the only solution if you're looking for ticketing and secured streaming in one cohesive, easy-to-use platform. Monetize your virtual events in standard or high definition and broadcast them to the world.

  • Standard or high definition 
  • Easy to use "go live" button
  • Live chat room for attendees
  • Fullscreen streaming on any device
  • Webcams to advanced multi-camera productions
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) integration or RTMP
  • Ultra-fast streaming of just 1.x seconds around the globe
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  • For event creators

    See exactly why we believe PromoTix is the right solution for you as an event creator.

  • For event marketers

    Learn how we're changing the way tickets are bought and interactions are held with attendees.

  • For ticketing managers

    Read more about how our platform simplifies both in-person and virtual event ticketing and registration.

Watch a tutorial showing how easy event creation and ticketing is

Create and sell tickets for events

The software was designed with the user in mind. Easy to navigate and simple to understand, you'll be up and running in minutes.

There's no learning curve with our intuitive event creation flow. We designed it to be dummy proof.  Check out a couple of the tutorials to see just how easy it is to use. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Create and sell tickets

2. Market your event

3. Broadcast it live

Ambassador programs tutorial

Watch a short few minutes on how to setup and run an Ambassador Program to promote your event.

Ambassador program management and ticket sales


Live streaming tutorial

Open Broadcaster Software is used for advanced streams with multiple video inputs on PromoTix. 

Ticketing for Live Stream Virtual Events




Event mobile app tutorial

This tutorial shows how you can create your event's own mobile app in just 5 minutes with no developers.

Create event mobile apps with no code or developers


Artist insights for fans tutorial

Learn how to see who your attendees are listening to on Spotify to make better talent booking decisions.

Spotify Performer Insights for Talent Booking


Complete event attendee management

Here's a bit on our best features.

100% free ticketing

We'll never add a ticket service fee to your bill or your customer's checkout screen.

Virtual event video streaming

Host your event online and stream it to thousands around the globe.

Event branded mobile apps

Publish a branded mobile app for single or multiple events to Apple and Android stores without development experience in minutes.

Registration pages

Build viral registration pages that motivate your attendees to invite their friends and provide you with marketing data.

Hyper-targeted audiences

Use our audiences tool to build a custom audience of people not already in your database, and inform them about your event.

Marketing campaigns

Launch Facebook ads and Instagram ads, or send push notifications, emails, and SMS texts, directly through the platform.

Attendee insights

Understand your best customers, how much they've spent with you over the , the amount on merchandise, and number of events attended.

Spotify listener data

If music is your jam, you can see exactly who your attendees are listening to on Spotify helping you to book the right acts for Concerts and Music Festivals.

Ambassador programs

We have thousands of ambassadors already on the platform who are ready to help promote your next event both online and offline with posters and flyers.

Merchandise sales

Push more merchandise sales before and during your event with promotional opportunities and add ons.

Dashboard ROI reporting

See exactly how your event marketing campaigns are performing.

Instant daily payouts

Receive daily payouts from your ticket sales to help fund the production of your event and improve your cashflow.

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Event creators using PromoTix

Here's a sample of just some of the events and venues who have used our platform.

Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain

Backwoods saved over $42,000 in ticket fees and earned an additional $404,000 in ticket sales.

Effervescent Events 

Effervescent Events is teaching yoga and meditation classes online to students around the globe.

Snails (DJ)

Snails, a globally renown dubstep and bass DJ has used PromoTix to promote their last two global tours.

Venue 578

Venue 578 increased their VIP reservations by 10%.


Rekinection Spring Celebration uses PromoTix to promote and sell tickets to their annual event.

Country Stampede

Country Stampede used Ambassadors on PromoTix to promote their 80,000 person music festival.

Deep Ellum Art Co.

This iconic Dallas venue uses PromoTix network of Ambassadors to help promote their events.

Rejuvination Retreat

Rejuvination Yoga and Wellness Retreat uses PromoTix to sell tickets and promote their event.

What would you do with an extra $446,000?

Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain earned an additional $404,000 in ticket sale revenue directly through marketing and ambassador programs run by PromoTix, above and beyond their normal sales channels. In addition, Backwoods saved $42,000 in ticketing fees after switching from Eventbrite. 

ticketing software review


Oh my word!

Don't take our word for it. Here's what others have to say.

"PromoTix Releases PromoStream, the First All-in-One Fee-Free Ticketing Service and Live-Streaming Software. PromoStream combines Promotix's fee-free ticketing platform, with a private, secure live-streaming gateway. This one-of-a-kind platform offers a revolutionized way for event organizers, instructors, and individuals selling tickets to their live content offerings to do so with less work and a more seamless organizer experience."

Yahoo Finance


"We use PromoJuice's ambassador promotional tool to manage and recruit our team of 1,000+ members around the globe to promote our tours. Nothing has given us more control, data, and insight over how promotions are going both on and offline than PromoTix. We've used the software for multiple tours now."


World Renown Dubstep DJ

"PromoTix was created by event organizers and promoters, for event organizers and promoters. PromoTix’s core value and mission statement are to create more memorable experiences for people by helping event organizers throw more successful and profitable events. Amid the pandemic, they wanted to create a platform that not only offers fee-free ticketing but also safe and secure live-streaming."

The St. Thomas Source


"As an ambassador, I sold $29,906 in tickets to my friends last year for festivals I worked for on PromoJuice. I made $1,498 in commissions and got 21 free tickets to shows. I had a blast and made some cash!"

Chase Myska

PromoTix Ambassador

"In our current world climate, live streaming has become an important aspect of life for the entertainment industry. With the ability to live stream, music and event companies are able to transition in-person events online. Platforms have the ability to hold the same capacity as in-person events if not more. Although many people yearn for the return of dancing with their friends on the polo field, live streaming software, like PromoStream, has given an alternative to otherwise canceling the event in general. As popularity with live streaming continues, the future of the entertainment industry remains unknown, things may change as people will want to continue to stream events from the comfort of their own home."

Thrive Global


How much more will you earn?

Calculate how much more you'll make with free ticketing on our professional plans.


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