See ticket revenue

Check on your sales at any time while on the go to see how tickets are selling. See which campaigns and sales channels are moving tickets for you to dial in your marketing.

  • See revenue on the go in real time
  • See which campaigns are driving sales

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Check in attendees

Look attendees up by their name or email address to check them in manually, or use the camera on your mobile device or tablet to scan tickets quickly for checking in attendees.

  • Extremely fast ticket scanning
  • Mobile device or tablet compatible
  • Check in and out attendees easily
  • QR code based ticket scanning devices
Ticket scan

Add last minute guests

Out and about when you realize you need to add a guest? Did the event already start and the guest is at the front gate? No problem, you can add guests on the go with the PromoTix Organizer app.

  • Add guests or guest lists on the go
  • Get notified when special guests arrive
  • Instantly update your front gate guest list in real time

Manage orders

Look up attendee orders for customer service purposes at the front gates or door, and manage refunds wherever you are.

  • Pull up orders and look up information
  • Manage refunds on the go

Ticket my event
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