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A Viral Registration Contest is more than just a giveaway, it's a powerful viral marketing vehicle. Motivate fans to follow you on social media and tell their friends about your event, by offering enticing prizes. Take the manual work out of tracking and choosing a winner by using PromoTix's powerful viral registration contest software. 

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Drive awareness

Gamify the contest by offering points for social shares, connecting accounts, and other custom tasks that spread the word about your event.

  • Encourage participation with exciting prizes
  • Fans are motivated to share the event on their social media
  • Tracking contest and ticket sales all in one place

Compel virality

Maximize interest and participation by offering captivating incentives, such as exclusive Meet ‘n Greets, VIP tickets, and merchandise.

  • Motivate participants to share on their social network in pursuit of prizes
  • Point system shows participants where they stand 
  • Leverage the networks of your fans through easy share features 
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Maximize ticket sales

PromoTix Viral Registration Contests keep fans engaged and significantly enhance conversion rates for ticket sales.

  • Launch pre-sale contest to generate excitement
  • Host a contest right before the event to build on momentum
  • Maintain post-event buzz by creating one right after the event


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Save time and money

Launch in minutes and let your fans do the work for you. 

  • Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets
  • No need to use a random number generator or put names in a hat
  • Point system motivates fans to participate in multiple ways

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