Sell tickets fast

PromoTix makes it easy and fast to sell tickets at your box office or front gates. You can collect as much or as little information as you'd like per ticket holder, allowing you to adjust the speed of your box office transactions.

  • Use Stripe credit card swipers to accept credit and debit cards
  • Skip entering ticket holder information if desired to speed up transactions
  • Reporting tracks cash and credit transactions


Ticket my event

Print paper tickets with PromoTix Printing

Print paper tickets to hand to your attendees with individualized QR codes that work flawlessly with PromoTix. 

  • Design a variety of ticket sizes
  • Functional individual QR codes
  • Design your own graphics or choose from hundreds of templates
  • Also print flyers, posters, wristbands, and more



Scan tickets to quickly check in guests

Use your own mobile device or tablet, or rent them for your event from PromoTix. Our software is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and will quickly scan QR codes to checkin guests.

  • Use your own devices or rent them for your event.
  • Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablet compatible
  • Scan QR codes to quickly check in guests


Ticket scan

Look up orders for customer service

Find any customer quickly by looking up their first or last name, email, or phone number in the system. See their original order details along with any changes made to the order such as refunds or transfers.

  • Transfer tickets to someone else
  • Process complete or partial refunds for guests and return their tickets to inventory
  • Check in attendees manually who've lost their ticket by looking them up
  • Edit customer contact information



Create detailed ticketing reports

Run reports at any time to see how sales are doing, how many attendees have checked in, or what marketing campaigns are performing best.

  • Attendance reports to see sales VS check ins
  • Sales reports to see a breakdown of ticket types and income
  • Marketing and sales allocation reports to see where ticket sales are coming from

Manage guest lists and will call

Add guests both in the office, on the go, and even last minute at the event with the PromoTix Organizer mobile app. Look up customers who bring an ID to claim tickets at Will Call.

  • Quickly look up any customer by first name, last name, phone, or email
  • Add unlimited guest lists and unlimited guests to each list
  • Check in guests manually at Will Call
  • Keep tickets on hold

Invite staff to help

Invite your staff members, volunteers, accountants, and other team players to help you manage your events with roles and permission settings.

  • Only show financials to those that need it
  • Let volunteers safely checkin attendees
  • Work on multiple companies' events in your personal PromoTix account



Ticket my event

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