See who your fans want to see in concert

Spotify Artist Insights with PromoTix allows you to see exactly who your database is listening to on Spotify right now. Start booking the acts your fans really want to see and are listening to right now.

  • See artists listened to over the last 90 days
  • Ticket buyers and event registrants
  • Stop guessing what shows will do well


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Artist Rankings

Rank artists by most listened to or followed

Ranks artists by most followed or most listened to over the last 90 days by your fans, registrants, and past ticket buyers. This allows you to see the most popular acts for your database specifically (not just the most popular overall.)

  • Rank by listened to or by follows
  • View global rankings or for your fans only
  • Find out what's popular amongst your database.


Rank Artists by Listened to or Following

Book artists on the come up

By monitoring the listening rankings of your database, you can see when artists are becoming popular amongst the crowd before the artist and agent knows they've become popular in your area.

  • Book acts as they increase in ranking and popularity
  • Find "diamonds" in-between huge acts that are popular with your database
  • Find local talent amongst your geographic region being listened to


Artists on the Come Up

Avoid costly booking mistakes

Never overpay for an artist again by immediately viewing how popular they are with your database first. Compare the artist fees between potential acts and then check your rankings to see how they compare in popularity. Find acts that are more popular, but will cost you less money, than other acts you may be considering.

  • Compare artist costs vs ranking
  • Avoid booking expensive acts with low rankings and high costs


bassnectar booking mistake

See customer spending details

Find and reach out to your best customers. Make sure they know you appreciate them and send specialized marketing campaigns.

  • See your most loyal attendees
  • See your biggest spenders
  • See who's bought the most merchandise
  • Create special marketing campaigns to show your appreciation


Customer Insights

PromoTix AI helps keep marketing on track

PromoTix will remind you about opportunities to market your event. It will find opportunities based on on-sale dates, event dates, and usage automatically to help keep your campaigns on track.

  • Reminders to send push notifications through the app
  • On-sale email reminders
  • Upcoming event reminders


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