RFID Wristband Fulfillment

PromoTix will help you design a beautiful wristband for your event and help source production. In addition, we can fulfill all ticket orders for you by registering and mailing out all wristbands for your ticket buyers so that they receive them ahead of time.

  • Beautifully designed RFID wristbands
  • Mail out wristbands ahead of time
  • Makes scanning at the front gate a breeze


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RFID cashless payments 

Take your event cashless with RFID Payments using Wrstbnd technology. Your event will experience a greater spend per attendee and gain more insight into consumer behavior. 

  • Increase spend at the event
  • Easy to use Point of Sale system
  • Track spending data at vendors
  • Tied directly to credit or debit card for quick easy payments



Better Access Control

Get more granular with your access control, activating certain wristbands at certain security control points such as backstage, VIP, and more. 

  • Easier for Security to see big bright colors on the scanner
  • Just wave the wristband over the scanner
  • Get granular on access control points
  • Track entrances and exits at multiple points of your event

Brand and sponsor activation

Allow your sponsors to activate their sponsorship and interact with attendees using their RFID wristband. Sponsors can quickly register an attendee for entry into a drawing or to collect visitor data at their booth.

  • Add value to your sponsorships
  • Allow sponsors to quickly capture attendee data
  • Customized brand activation


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