Earn Tickets and Commissions

As an Ambassador, you get paid to help organizers promote their events.
"We have ambassadors promoting our festival who've earned 20 free tickets for themselves and their friends, while at the same time earned over $2,800 in commissions."
- Will Royall | Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain

Become a Street Team Ambassador
Connect and work for multiple event promoters on PromoJuice.
Earn Free Tickets to Events
Never Pay for a Concert Again
PromoJuice will connect you with opportunities to work for some of the largest festival and concert promoters in the industry.
You help them out by promoting their event, and they provide you with rewards such as free tickets to their events.
Earn Some Hard Cold Cash
Sell Tickets and Get Paid
As an official street team member for an event, you'll have the opportunity to sell tickets for a commission set by the event organizer. Commissions range from a few bucks to a couple hundred depending upon the ticket type, commission level, and event.
Stack your cash commissions with other rewards the event organizer offers as well.
Some organizers provide commissions on merchandise sales as well, so you can sell the latest concert or band merch too.
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Get Free Merchandise
Hats, Shirts, Pins and More
Many event organizers reward team members with limited special edition merchandise for promotional tasks as well.
Some organizers will also allow you to sell their merchandise to earn additional cash commissions along with some of the gear.
Deck yourself out in your favorite band or festival gear
Start Earning Your Way to Events