Our platform was designed by concert and music festival promoters

By in large - out of all the industries that use PromoTix for ticketing, the music business has the most features and product modules to help event organizers throwing concerts, music festivals, and shows be successful and profitable.

no_feesFee-free ticketing

Generate 5% - 30% more profit

PromoTix is the world's first fee free ticketing platform for concert promoters and music festivals. 

Gone are the days where the ticketing company makes 5-30% of the total price the customer pays to attend your show.

  • Price your ticket inclusive of all fees your customers normally are charged
  • PromoTix doesn't collect any ticket service fees from you, or your customers
  • You end up keeping the fees your last ticketing company did (5% - 30% more profit!)
  • Your customers feel better because no additional fees are added at checkout

PromoStream-Festival-Action-840pxStream virtual events

Sell tickets to virtual streamed events

With PromoTix, you'll have access to the only fee-free ticketed and secured virtual streaming solution on the market. Pay only for the data you use during the stream. Each ticket creates a unique one session URL for the viewer, meaning they can't share it with their friends. You'll collect all of your attendee data, and ensure each viewer purchased a ticket.

  • Make money with secure live video streamed virtual events
  • Collect ll the data on your Viewers
  • Uses PromoTix's fee-free ticketing
  • Sell in-person tickets alongside virtual tickets to the same event
  • OBS integration for powerful production
  • Video-on-demand to continue earning after the live event

Color-Spotify-LogoPowerful insights to sell out your shows

See exactly who your attendees are listening to on Spotify®

PromoTix provides several opportunities for your attendees, and those registering for your events even before they purchase tickets, to connect their Spotify® account giving you valuable access to see their listening habits and favorite artists.

  • See who your attendees and potential attendees are listening to on Spotify®
  • See who they are following on Spotify®
  • See the most popular artists across your database
  • See the most popular artists in your geographic area
  • Use all of this information to book artists that are guaranteed to sell out your shows!

streetteamphotosA network of thousands of ambassadors 

They sell tickets, post on socials, hand out flyers, and hang up posters to promote your show

Whether you bring your own street team ambassadors, you want to start a completely new team, or you just want to add some new people on your crew, you can recruit from thousands of ambassadors on PromoTix.

With the ambassador mobile app, ambassadors act as walking sales people promoting your show and selling tickets and merchandise to their friends. Music promoters using PromoTix can drive 15-20% additional revenue with our ambassador tool.

  • Automatically recruit from thousands of ambassador street team members
  • Allow ambassadors to sell tickets for cash, credit, or online with zero risk
  • Setup tasks and let PromoTix track progress for you automatically
  • See where the promo is happening in real time on a GPS map
  • Create social media templates and get organic shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Sell more merchandise through ambassadors prior to the show
  •  Automatically reward ambassadors with tickets, commissions, and merchandise

mobileappforvenuesYour very own custom branded mobile app

Promote your shows, concerts or music festival with your own custom branded mobile app

Mobile apps don't have to be expensive to develop and build when you're using PromoTix. You can have your very own mobile app for your business, and launch it in the iPhone iOS store or Android Google Play store without any developers or development experience.

Build a multi-event app if you're a venue or independent promoter who throws multiple shows under your promotions brand. Build a single-event app if you're promoting a large show like a festival or multi-day, multi-stage event. You can even build both and have as many apps as you'd like in your account simultaneously.

  • Send push notifications direct to your audience's phone
  • Send on-sale notifications to immediately drive ticket sales when they drop
  • Upload venue maps and directions
  • Upload lineups and stages
  • Allow your attendees to build their own schedule
  • Promote a single festival or multiple shows with your app
  • Connect more on social media with your social media feeds in your app
  • Design your app with your logo, color scheme, and messaging in just 5-10 minutes

Behind the scenes

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